About Us

About Us:-     Microware, with over two decades of relevant experience, has engaged extensively across three primary thematic areas, other than regular IT ERP systems.


Social / development sector Solutions:  For 21 years now, Microware engages with UN agencies, Government, CSRs, Foundations and Trusts, NGOs and Bilateral and multi lateral funding agencies to provide solutions that work across multiple geographies and technologies, including off-line, mobile and on-line systems in diverse domains like agriculture, water and sanitation (WASH), rural livelihoods, education, health, child nutrition and women empowerment


Telecom and security applications:   Microware, in a separate vertical, also works with real time, high volume data handling and telecom and security applications, as well as MIS systems for corporate and International clients. This expertise coupled with the experience in date warehousing and dashboards and information displays and alerts has helped Microware’s expert teams deliver crisp, practical, action oriented systems in the development sector.


Off-shore development and support:   We partner with IT companies, as well as end users across the World to provide development as well as maintenance support, for large, medium and small enterprises across a variety of technologies. Typically, the assignment are long term, and include consulting and management support, over and above the technical development.

Microware’s key values of commitment to the client and a relentless pursuit of technical excellence ensure they go the extra mile to deliver robust, scalable and sustainable solutions that integrate seamlessly with client processes.