About Us

Business philosophy:-     Partnering and synergetic combinations are the order of the day; and this philosophy has seen Microware take a lead in being a founder - member of the Information Technology & Communications Consulting Conglomerate, which is an amalgam of creative professionals with diverse backgrounds and strengths, from IT and other fields, dedicated to providing innovative and practical solutions for clients. Core-competencies are leveraged to provide a forceful combine. The firm has also available to it the services of eminent persons who have held very senior positions in the Government and Private Sector. It has, when required, enlisted the participation of external domain specialists and eminent persons on a project basis. The key members of the organisation have over 30 years of relevant experience each in IT, Telecommunications and Management, coupled with professional Engineering degrees from the Indian Institutes of Technology and / or the Indian Institute of Management, as well as experience in India and abroad.

The team INSERT Black and white photos of people with short write ups : Sanjay Sangal (CEO), Ragini Lal (COO), Arun Sagar (CTO), Nitin Rawat (VP-Telecom Practice), Vijay Kumar (VP-Livelihood Systems), Rajesh Yadav (VP-Expert Systems), Pankaj Sharma (VP-Mobile and Health, WASH Initiatives), Jay Rautela (VP-International Projects), Indu Dhawan (VP-Education and Water Sector), Ajit Negi (VP – Real Time & BI), Uttam Rawat (AVP-Domestic ERP), Rakhi Verma (AVP-International Business), Ashish Agnihotri (AVP-New Initiatives), Ashutosh Singh (AVP- QC); Shyam Bahadur (AVP – Support), Pankaj Kandpal (AVP – Social Sector), Alok Sagar (AVP – International Business), Pawan Pathak (AVP – Mobile Development)

What we do:-     Microware has collaborated with the best to provide practical computing solutions for all its projects. Multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary teams are required for these deliveries, and we have been the preferred partners for various agencies across various domains.