Microware has a rather diverse portfolio in his thematic – ranging from the tablet based RCH register entry for UNICEF funded SIHFW in Bihar (as also for Reliance and INtraHealth), to the awarded Home Based Post Natal Care for ASHA workers across 4 states, to the Vitamin A and Zinc Programs of the Micronutrient Initiative, and the reporting and KPIs based DSS of the Health protfoliofo the Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Additionally, we have worked on the AIDS program of JHUCCP, and the IUCD initiatves of Jhpiego, IPAS, Engender Health and HLFPPT. We are LTAs for UNICEF, and have created the Health Atlas for Chhattisgarh State, and implemented the mobile based Swabhimman, NRC and IYCF programs in Bihar, Sub thematic interventions – like in Save the Children , ICDS and NRLM, or course, are also deployed. The work centresaround easy to use mobile applications, or quick to enter off-line software, so as to ensure quick and accurate data capture so as to enable better reporting, and hence faster interventions and responses.