Starting about 2001, Microware has engaged extensively in this thematic area. From a major engagement with the Madhya Pradesh Riral Livelihood Program, across 9 districts of MP and engaging with over 10 lakhhouseholds, to the NRM program in Tripura, various Tata Trust initiatives (CinI, RGR, SBI, NEI and Himmothan – across 12 plus states), complete SRLM solutions for Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh; and initiatives of Reliance Foundation and Axis Bank Foundation, as well as smaller NGOs – Microware has provided solutions ranging from interventions of between six months to six years (ongoing), and costs ranging from 2 lakhs to over INR 1 crore. The solutions work stand-alone, with regular centralised upload, web only, or maybe mobile and web – as the situation demands.

From baseline, mid line and end line survey enablement, analysis, to SHG transaction accounting, Community based organisation tracking, SRI, Animal Husbandry, Microenterprises, capacity building, Youth database,Skill based Training programmes, convergence, placement – we cover it all. Alerts, dashboards and user specific information, report cards, grading, GIS integration – this is common across all Microware thematics.

The systems attempt to ensure that double counting is eliminated, and cross-cutting themes are addressed. Solutions have been delivered that are end-to-end – from proposal and grant monitoring at Trust level to individual transaction records for farmers in the field. As a result, we have worked across over 30 major programs, and continue to engage with the best in the country.