Microware provide expertise solution in Telecom & high performance sector including Real time and analytics software for the telecom industry, as well as security solutions and M&E for Banks, Corporates and Service Providers. Our core proficiencies are

  • Integration and interfacing with various equipment’s
  • Data convergence and visualization
  • Real time data analysis and dissemination.
  • Our Technical Excellence to help the Clients
  • Our Quality Solutions are reliable and optimized
  • Client Satisfaction is our Top Priority.

Below mentioned are few Contact Center Application packages
Micro Charge

      Enterprise Call Detail Record Solution

  • Multi-Switch
  • Multi Dialer
  • Multi-IP System
  • Fuzzy Logic For Call Matching
  • Multi-Currency Reporting
  • Trunk Loading Analysis
  • HR Integration
  • Switch Integration
  • SNWP Integration

Above mentioned are Implemented At Multiple Clients/Contact Centers.

MicroCVT / MicroAVS

  • A CTI control providing desktop and server interface functionality provides developers with a substantially faster and more stable development facility
  • The control helps service a large number of application requirements
  • Microware has built over 10 different kinds of solutions using this control
  • Partners have developed additional solutions around this system

Feedback Analysis

  • Capture IVR / switch based feedback from clients / prospects on various questions
  • Feedback analysis for training needs assessment, as well as compliance

ECHI Loader
The Extended Call History Interface of Avaya data convertor is licensed by Microware to various agencies for advanced reporting enablement.

CMS - Multi-time zone reporting

  • Microware Multi-timezone product resides in parallel with Avaya CMS, or interfaces with ECHI.
  • Provides a portal interface through which users can draw reports in different time zones based on the same base data.
  • Various other parameters can be measured, including Service Levels across different intervals and time zones.
  • AES integration provides additional reporting & analysis.

TPIN Server

  • A secure, scalable software based TPIN server.
  • Provides for high level of security, quick response, 24x7 functionality.
  • In use at ING Vyasa bank, Deutsche Bank, Development Credit Bank, Easter Bank Bangladesh, AEGON Religare.

REAL TIME Software/Applicationsr

  • Real time floor statistics are captured
  • Displayed on LED based wallboards, plasma screens and on agent desktops
  • Context sensitive filtration built in

    Extraction of intelligence from system logs of ACDs
    Facilitates Administrators to:

  • Check on compliance issues
  • Maintain audit trails
  • Identify incorrect processes followed by users

DNC compliance
Microware’s proprietary AES (Avaya CTI) control allows flexibility for a variety of applications, and various DNC compliance solutions have been built for clients for this purpose.

Solutions built with:

  • DNC rules with fault tolerance and audit
  • Real time screening of calls based on different US federal and state dialing rules.

Screen POP

  • Many screen pop applications implemented
  • provision of key CLI or account information from an IVR passed to agents, with auto screen pop of web based or client server applications.