We have spent 20 years supporting clients in WASH, and the water sector. We have worked with the Central Water Commission, various state agencies, and have delivered our sophisticated Groundwater analysis system, GRASP, for use across AP, Gujarat and Odisha. West Bengal also used the software in some districts, and UP will be implementing it soon across the state.

We have worked in the WSH sector across various Trusts and Foundation programmes, in various funded programmes, and also provided inputs for development of City Sanitation Plans and rural and urban benchmarking and monitoring systems. Our unique Water Quality secondary data mining tool, made for the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in association with the Safe Water Network, is of great practical value, and GRASP, for some users, is the primary software for their day to day use.

We have worked extensively for water level and quality measurement and analysis, lake management, climatic data recording, treatment and effluent plants, surface water, discharge and gauge measurements; analysis – including spectral and harmonic analysis, as well as contouring and seamless GIS integration.

In addition, our kiosk based software developed for APFAMGS (an FAO project) was a major success in helping communities realise the potential of joint efforts in conserving water through change in cropping patterns and improved storage.

Our groundwater information management software provides you with a complete understanding of your data so you can monitor the surface water measurements, climatic data recording, analysis and management of lakes, secondary treatment plants etc.

In the WASH sector, we are currently engaging with IIHS for the TNUSSP program in Tamil Nadu, and with UNICEF for enhancing the dashboards and capacity of the PHED in Bihar. Our generic analytical software “Sanchay” is deployed across various clients across all thematics.